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What is the number 1 attraction in Arizona?

Arizona’s Grand Canyon, a US National Park, is the state’s most iconic tourist attraction and one of the most important natural wonders in the world. The massive gorge features red rocks that tower above the Colorado River, with various viewpoints along the South and North rims of the canyon.

What is the funnest thing to do in Arizona?

The most fun thing to do in Arizona is enjoy the great outdoors. The state sees beautiful weather and lots of sunshine year-round, making it easy to explore the state’s national and state parks under sunny skies. Top attractions include the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Lake Havasu, and Saguaro National Park.

When should I go to Arizona?

For the best weather, visit most of Arizona in the spring, winter, or autumn. The summer months of June, July, and August are extremely hot and occasionally see monsoon storms. However, northern Arizona isn’t too hot in the summer and sometimes sees snow in winter.

What are 3 things Arizona is famous for?

Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon, a US National Park whose massive gorge features red rocks that tower above the Colorado River. The state is also home to an estimated 1.9 million saguaro cacti. It’s known for its Mexican food, thanks to its proximity to the Mexican-American border.

What do people do on vacation in Arizona?

Most people like to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or walking when vacationing in Arizona. Visiting the Grand Canyon National Park is a popular trip activity, and Lake Havasu State Park is also a busy destination. Arizona visitors also like to explore cities including Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff.

What’s the most popular thing in Arizona?

The most popular thing to do in Arizona is to enjoy the vast and beautiful natural wonders the state offers, such as the Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona, Monument Valley, and the Hoover Dam. Because Arizona is sunny and warm almost year-round, walking, hiking, biking, and golfing are everyday activities.

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: 2021 North Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona 85743
The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a world-renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden, all in one place! Exhibits re-create the natural landscape of the Sonoran Desert Region so realistically you find yourself eye-to-eye with mountain lions, prairie dogs, Gila monsters, and more. Within the Museum grounds, you will see more than 300 animal species and 1,200 kinds of plants. There are almost 2 miles of paths traversing 21 acres of beautiful desert.


Grand Canyon Deer Farm: 6769 E. Deer Farm Road, Williams, Arizona 86046
Welcome to the world famous Grand Canyon Deer Farm in Williams, AZ. Come on in and see what we are all about. At the Deer Farm you don’t just look at the deer, you walk among them, you touch them, you let them eat right from your hand.


Heritage Park Zoo: 1403 Heritage Park Road, Prescott, Arizona 86301
Situated on ten acres north of Prescott and overlooking Willow Lake, the sanctuary has many opportunities for visitors including a covered picnic pavilion with a BBQ grill, a children’s playground, and large, naturally landscaped enclosures for the animals with paths that allow visitors the opportunity to get an up-close and personal view of them.


Keepers Of The Wild: 13441 E. Highway 66, Valentine, Arizona 86413


Navajo Nation Zoological & Botanical Park: Hwy. 264, Building 36A, Window Rock, AZ 86515
The Navajo Nation Zoo and Botanical Park in Window Rock, Arizona, is the sole tribally-owed zoo. Since 1962, it has served as a sanctuary for nature and the spirit. Here animals reside in truly natural habitats surrounded by native vegetation and rock scenery. Most animals here are native to the Navajo Nation and a part of the zoo’s dedication to exhibit animals and plants important to the history and culture of the Navajo people.


Out of Africa Wildlife Park: 4020 N. Cherry Rd. Camp Verde, AZ 86322 (Fountain Hills)
Experience Out Of Africa Wildlife Park. Arizona’s Best Wildlife Theme Park See over 400 animals from all over the world! Lions, Tigers, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Black Bear, Camel, Ostrich, Cobras, Zebra, Exotic Birds, Tortoise, Wildebeest, Jaguar, Leopards, Wolves, Hyenas and more!


Reid Park Zoo in Tucson: Tucson Zoological Society, 1030 South Randolph Way, Tucson, Arizona 85716
Come visit the Tucson zoo, and have a wild time. Meet the more than 400 animals—rhinos, elephants, anteaters, polar bears, lions, and many more! Adventure in our African, Asian, and South American regions.


Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute: 2114 W. Grant Road, #39, Tucson, AZ 85745
SASI is a private not-for-profit environmental and science education institution founded by Steve Prchal in 1986.


Sonoran Sea Aquarium: 2021 N. Kinney Road, Tucson, AZ 85743-8918
The Sonoran Sea Aquarium™ is organized as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to bringing a world-class public aquarium to Tucson promoting education, conservation and preservation of Arizona’s rivers and the Gulf of California for future generations.
The Oasis: Scottsdale
The Oasis Sanctuary is not a zoo, and does not have regular hours when we are open to the public.


The Phoenix Zoo: 455 North Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85008
We have 125 acres of land including exhibit, non-exhibit and operations areas. We have approximately 1,200 animals on exhibit at our Zoo, including our collections of mammals, fish, invertebrates, birds, and reptiles.


Wildlife World Zoo: 16501 W. Northern Ave., Litchfield Park, AZ
Wildlife World Zoo has Arizona’s largest collection of exotic animals with over 2400 individual animals representing more than 400 exotic and endangered species.


How to get around Arizona

When to visit

In a state that gets more than 300 days of sunshine—and four distinct seasons—any time of year is peak season at some destination in Arizona. Visitors flock to the state for its temperate climate in spring and fall, especially for spring training in Phoenix. Higher elevation spots, such as Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, enjoy snow in winter and somewhat cooler temperatures in summer.

Getting around

With Route 66, iconic roadway stops, and endless highways that head into the horizon, Arizona is the quintessential roadtrip state, making a car, RV, or motorcycle the best way to travel. For certain destinations, including Verde Canyon and Grand Canyon, transport on vintage railcars offer a throwback experience. For those without a vehicle, city-to-city transport is best done by long-distance bus, but once in Tucson or Phoenix, walking, biking, light rail, and street car options abound.

Traveler tips

Arizona truly has it all. Active adventure, resorts, leisure, road trips, and cultural experiences are plentiful. However, Arizona’s unique food scene—a mix of indigenous, Mexican, and Sonoran influences going back 4,000 years—is often overlooked. Sonoran dogs, Navajo tacos, and Mexican raspados are just a sampling of its culinary treats. The state’s farmers markets, indigenous dining options, craft cocktail scenes, unique ingredients, and the UNESCO-designated City of Gastronomy of Tucson are ripe for exploring.

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