How to get around Arizona

When to visit

In a state that gets more than 300 days of sunshine—and four distinct seasons—any time of year is peak season at some destination in Arizona. Visitors flock to the state for its temperate climate in spring and fall, especially for spring training in Phoenix. Higher elevation spots, such as Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, enjoy snow in winter and somewhat cooler temperatures in summer.

Getting around

With Route 66, iconic roadway stops, and endless highways that head into the horizon, Arizona is the quintessential roadtrip state, making a car, RV, or motorcycle the best way to travel. For certain destinations, including Verde Canyon and Grand Canyon, transport on vintage railcars offer a throwback experience. For those without a vehicle, city-to-city transport is best done by long-distance bus, but once in Tucson or Phoenix, walking, biking, light rail, and street car options abound.

Traveler tips

Arizona truly has it all. Active adventure, resorts, leisure, road trips, and cultural experiences are plentiful. However, Arizona’s unique food scene—a mix of indigenous, Mexican, and Sonoran influences going back 4,000 years—is often overlooked. Sonoran dogs, Navajo tacos, and Mexican raspados are just a sampling of its culinary treats. The state’s farmers markets, indigenous dining options, craft cocktail scenes, unique ingredients, and the UNESCO-designated City of Gastronomy of Tucson are ripe for exploring.

Air Tours in Arizona

A: The best Air Tours in Arizona according to Viator travelers are: